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About Us

We're more than a general contractor - we're ʻohana.

Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable services at an affordable price. Creating relationships within our community by ensuring that the people of Hawaiʻi are taken cared of.

Our vision is to take our family efforts and use it to strengthen our bonds by making connections within the community. Similar to the kalo which is a representation of Hāloa we see us growing roots in ensuring the people of Hawaiʻi don't get priced out of paradise. Developing a sense of belonging for all those we service and support, not just the locals but, all who come to love and call Hawaiʻi home.

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Our Story

Hāloa Construction LLC is a family owned and operated, general contracting business, based out of Ewa Beach (Oʻahu), Hawaiʻi. Like the Hawaiian origin story of Hāloa, our company was formed in 2022 with the goal of bringing life back through rebuilding and restoration. With this foundation in mind, Hāloa Construction LLC provides a multi-faceted approach to services in the areas of General Construction, rebuilding, alteration and remodeling, maintenance and repair, and safety management. 

Our President, Damien Lariosa, has over 20 years in the construction industry and brings to the company skills in project management, safety, and quality control. In addition to our President, our Board consists of Ramona Lariosa, Chief Executive Officer, Austin Lariosa, Operations, and Kauri Achiu, Administration.

Meet The Team

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